Good food is undoubtedly our strong point
We produce a wide range of excellent products such as cured ham, sausages as well as various types of air-cured pork meats.
We produce delicious cheese, with different grades of ripening, made with sheep, cow and goat milk.
We also make different types of bread baked in a wood oven and various types of pasta like cheese ravioli, the traditional maloreddus and maccarones de punzu, two different shapes of gnocchi, and the so-called maccarones de busa, a special, long pasta which in the past used to be made using a knitting needle.
Our cheese is also used to make delicious seadas, a giant deep-fried crunchy ravioli with a centre of molten mild cheese, served hot with a topping of local honey.
Around Easter, we prepare the traditional casadinas, portion-sized cheese and mint quiches which are strictly cooked in a wood oven.
Amongst the oldest and basic recipes we find the very popular pane frattau: a strata of crispy pane carasau, the so-called music paper, swiftly dipped in hot salt water or broth and layered with fresh tomato sauce and mature sheep cheese.
Another ancient traditional dish is the minestrone soup with Frùe, a simple but delicious vegetable soup with fresh pasta, seasoned with a salted curd called Frùe, and completed with a drizzle of our top quality extra virgin olive oil.
Are you a meat lover? Imagine a beautiful piglet, the delicious porcheddu‘e latte, slow-roasted on an open wood fire.
Imagine a succulent roasted lamb or sheep, or the traditional shepherds’ lunch.
The famous pecora in cappotto, made with sheep meat, potatoes, onions and wild fennel.
And not to mention all the stews, roasts and stuffed meat rolls we’ll be happy to feast your taste buds with.
If you have a sweet tooth, you’re in the right place here too.
Our territory has a long tradition of special sweets and cakes which used to be prepared for the patron saint’s festivities, religious events and special occasions, but are now available all year round.
From the simpler ones, like breakfast shortbreads, to the pappasinos with juicy raisins and walnuts, the divinely soft amaretti, the meringues, the traditional tarts with a decadent filling of slowly reduced, caramelised wine must (coccone ‘e pistiddu), and s’aranzada, delicious candied orange peels with honey and almonds.
At the end of your meal you can sample our homemade liqueurs like Mirto, which is made with hand-picked organic myrtle, Limoncello, citrus fruits and spices cream, and spirits.
Dinner is normally a 3-course meal consisting of a four-course meal: at least two appetizers, a main course and dessert.
Bread, wine, water, coffee and digestive liqueurs are included in the half board. We offer a set menu which changes every day.
We also prepare gluten-free meals and vegetarian dishes and pay particular attention to our guests with food allergies and intolerances.
A reservation is required for non-lodging guests.



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